Comfort, Connections, and Challenge: #BE18

There are times in my career when the lack of progress frustrates me, or lack of attention to the work leaves me flat. There are times when I tire of being the voice always asking for more. And there are times when I feel inadequate, either because I don’t know the right people, or circumstances saddle me with ill-informed tasks and goals that really need open, broad-ranging discussions to refine them. Quite often these discussions are not available, because we must get the work done, even though no one is completely sure how, or even why.

The Building Energy Boston conference last week managed to heal some of my ills. My time with the NESEA staff, members, and #BE18 attendees reaffirmed that it is not about “knowing the right people” but about knowing myself and my passions and capabilities. It is not about “getting the work done” as much as about knowing what the work is, and what my efforts related to that can and should be. It is not about being impressive, but about allowing myself to be impressed with the copious ideas that exist to inform my work.

Upstate NYers at NESEA

And it is not about the conference, but about the community.

I return to my calling, refreshed.

Thank you, NESEA


Exceptional NESEA staffers

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