Equity or Equality?

This morning I encountered a very good example of equity versus equality, before I even had my morning coffee. It’s all about salami and cheese crescent rolls. Who knew?

My husband, son, and I, all love the occasional weekend treat of oven crescent rolls and a hard-boiled egg. The package contains eight rolls which has occasionally caused an issue when the three of us try to share this bounty equally.

We have been looking at this wrong.

I don’t like these as much as my husband and son. Additionally, I am smaller than “the boys” and find two crescent rolls are plenty, especially with the egg and a few cherries or blackberries (yum). In this situation, an equitable split is for me to have two, and each of them to have three. I have all I want and all I need. Aha.

This division is not equal, yet it is eminently equitable.

Here’s to equity,


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