Greenie tackles webpage…

Great gaming with friends!

Great gaming with friends!

Sigh, Who’s going to win this one? My husband and I were reminiscing about my parents and their lack of ability to handle their answering machine, circa 1995.  We realized that someday, our son will facetime us from a space station, or a settlement somewhere, and we’ll be facing the wrong holographic camera, trying to talk with him with our backs to him. In he meantime, I attempt to create a usable and attractive website, with information I am dying to share.  I frustratingly feel the whole time like I am back in the Netherlands, the first few weeks of living there, with a headache from trying to keep up with casual conversations. Is this sustainability?  The constant need to communicate and to expand my ability to communicate in the hope of expanding my audience?  Does this make me merely a narcissist or actually a change agent, or a true dyed in the organic wool greenie?  I hope it makes me accessible (despite the communication glitches). I want sustainability to be about outreach and connection.  We are individuals each with a piece of the solution, and we can only truly find the end game by playing together more than we currently do.

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