Balance – Fail, and Learn

I went to San Diego to speak at the inaugural conference on Wellness in Buildings. It was excellent. A small, focused, and incredibly intelligent group of people, reinforcing our valuable work.

And I got sucked into a work meeting; missing one of the sessions, and pulling my focus from the intellectual resources in my real life, present-case.

It happens. And we need to work to make it not happen.

Teams must be able to manage when one team member, even a leader, is away for a week. That means that team leaders have to help create redundancy, and instill knowledge of all processes throughout the team. Nothing should be able to be derailed with the absence of one person. It makes no sense. A team should be able to “cover” and move the work forward.

It takes prep work, trust, and the creation of confidence throughout the team with a shared goal.

I still have much to learn. As does my team.

If any of us is to have life/work balance, we need to be able to leave work to be with our families, or our friends, or ourselves, away from the stresses of work, with confidence in the team. This takes prep. This takes solidarity. This takes self-assurance and commitment. And it can be scary. Yet we all need this.

Kudos to all of you who leave work behind when you get home at night, or go on vacation. I am working to be like you, and trust my team, for health and balance.

Wellness in buildings means nothing if we are not well in ourselves.

Be well, and be greener,


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