Materials Matter and Grassroots Education ROCKS (S2C E4)

Lauren and I launched Subject2Change a few months ago, with very little knowledge of making videos or promoting a channel on YouTube. We are continually improving, as all of us must: our videos are more defined, our questions go deeper, we are not afraid of humor (look for future videos about Improv Theatre!), and we are devising more ways to share what we are learning.

This last part has been facilitated by Allison Friedman and Matt Hoots of Rate it Green, and I will always be grateful to them. They exemplify the spirit of the world of sustainability – we ALL need to learn and grow and change, and we EACH can and must help each other to do this.

There is plenty of work to be done (really, too much) and no reason to be protective or worried about competition.

We will be promoting episodes of Subject2Change through this blog post, weekly. I intend to also get back to writing posts, but will focus some attention on the interviews for awhile, and they are incredibly interesting, so no regrets! Please note that each short video promoted here has at least one corresponding long interview, and you can find that in the Deeper Dive playlist on our Youtube Channel, “Subject2Change – Sustainability“.

Today we welcome Diane Brandli to tell us about Interior Design, GreeningUSA, and the importance of education in reaching our sustainable future.

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