Are Your Finances Sustainable? (S2C E6)

How do your dollars and your choices impact your community and our shared future? We are talking with Katelyn Kriesel about her business as a Socially Responsible Investments Advisor, resources and education about investing, her new foray into politics, and about her visions for an equitable future for her kids.

She shares her passion for sustainable investing, and resources to help us all manage our money and advocate, with our dollars, for our sustainable shared future. She actually got ME intrigued and even excited about managing my money. I did not know that was possible.

We are so glad that Katelyn joined us for an interview on “Subject2Change – Sustainability“. We welcome you to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can easily access all the great info that Lauren and I are discovering. Also, look for the full interview in our Deeper Dives playlist!

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