Going ZERO in New Paltz (S2C E7)

Join us for a wonderful conversation with Rick Alfandre, founder and owner of Alfandre Architects, located in New Paltz, NY.

Alfandre Architect and Eco Builders are transformational businesses, influencing our sustainable future. Hear Rick’s excitement about the present and future of sustainable design, and its emerging focus on health of the building occupants. The energy benefits are significant, and yet still blown away by the health benefits. This is THE information that will help us to shift our building industry, provided we understand it and communicate it.

Thanks, Rick, for joining us for such a wonderful conversation. Lauren and I both appreciate your thoughtfulness, your centered awareness, and your friendship.

We welcome you all to subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Subject2Change – Sustainability“. so you can easily access all the great info that Lauren and I are discovering. Also, look for the full interview in our Deeper Dives playlist and for more great conversations on sustainability, and how it can inform and support everything. Truly everything.

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