Part 1 of Improv, Equity, and Privilege, Oh My! (S2C E8)

In this dreary month of February, we are breaking form a bit to share with you our conversations with TJ Mannix, in three distinct chunks. We talked to TJ for over three hours, and didn’t even come close to wanting it to end.

The point of these interviews is to help us all understand that sustainability can and should inform everything, and, if we choose to open our minds and broaden our awareness, everything can inform how we engage in sustainability. TJ certainly helped us with this.

Improvisational theatre skills are of use in business and in holistic design approaches that can get us to healthy and ZNE projects!

Here is the first of the videos created from our chat. In this, we focus on TJ’s history with improv, what that is, how the language of improv can be of use to us in our work, and how improv itself works in support of trust and innovation.

We welcome you all to subscribe to our YouTube channel, “Subject2Change – Sustainability“. so you can easily access all the great info that Lauren and I are discovering. Also, look for the more of TJ’s interview in our Deeper Dives playlist  as well as our 2min playlist, where we have a short video as well as a fun bit focused on BACON.


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