Part 2 of Improv, Equity, and Privilege, Oh My! (S2C E8)

We are again engaging in a conversation with TJ Mannix, improv actor, founder of the NYC Improv Musical Theatre Festival, and fellow curious soul. We focus this time on equity.

What does equity mean to us, and how do we support equity in a way that is not restricted by own own perspectives?

Three steps we discussed:

  • Acknowledge
  • Empower
  • Genuine Communication

And, by the way, it’s not pie.

Enjoy this conversation, and please, consider subscribing to our YouTube channel, “Subject2Change – Sustainability“, to learn from even more conversations. Add your thoughts in comments here or on the YouTube channel. We also ask you to recommend people we should talk to, so that we are not limited by our own experiences! We have so much to learn, together. Also, look for the more of TJ’s interview in our Deeper Dives playlist  as well as our 2min playlist, where we have a short video as well as a fun bit focused on BACON.


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