Part 1 – How Clean Can a Business Be? (S2C E11)

It was so fun to talk with Mark Harrison about Black Kettle Soap, Company, his family’s craft-made soap and cleaning product business. Located in Troy, NY, this small-batch business wants to clean up how we clean up.

It is a joy to talk with someone passionate about his business and totally in love and inspired by his family.

Join us to learn more from Mark about the importance of local and non-toxic ingredients, the connections created by local businesses building on and with each other, and his views for what the future will bring for craft and small batch businesses.

Mark has been inspired by his family, intrigued by his research into non-toxic ingredients, and supported by the growing interest in small batch production. Let’s hope we all catch a bit of his passion for life, love, and learning!

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Thanks for joining in the conversation,

Jodi and Lauren


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