Every Child is Smart (S2C E14)

I walked away from our conversation with Kenyon Black energized and inspired, and you can hear Lauren’s excitement as well. I can’t think of a better way to spend an hour (our normal “interview” time) than talking with someone this engaged and passionate about life, learning, and lifting kids up so they can succeed.

Even in the 2 minute cut of our chat, below, Kenyon shares with us the grounding and support his parents gave not only to him but to all the kids of their community. He explains how that has inspired him to show up and build the trust that helps kids to fly high.

Have just a few minutes? Watch this video. Have about 1/2 hour? Check out the deeper conversations on our YouTube site to learn about Upward Bound and the work that Kenyon is undertaking to transition students from middle school through high school and into college. Imagine the impact of his job, and hear his excitement about the opportunities he can bring into focus for his kids. His kids are “ready for anything”.

Y’know, it’s a good day when you can be THIS inspired. And we are glad to share this inspiration with you.


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