Art, Communication, Community, and Equity – Jade Warrick (S2C E17)

Art heals. Art challenges. Art communicates. Art grows in the streets of Albany NY through the talents of many mural artists including Jade Warrick. Join us to learn about her art and about the work of several other people who are revitalizing and uplifting our community in the Capital District of NY. Jade is unable to talk about what she does without shining a light on others who have helped her or who have created community initiatives in their own right.

Shining a light on others is the art of community.

As always, I am including the short video here, in this blog post.

I encourage you to see our full-length chat with Jade at Subject2Change – Sustainability on YouTube, as she has a lot to offer. Jade helped me and Lauren see that we cannot just launch art programs, but must bring in the idea of art and access to it, and then foster the community in developing their arts. Amplified Voices is a revelation and a revolution!

On our YouTube site we also list the organizations and resources Jade has mentioned, so you can connect and learn or do more!

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