The Future of Small Cities (S2C E18)

This past week I took part in a conference called the Sustainable Futures Conference, held remotely, and originating through the Future of Small Cities Institute in Troy,NY. Thank you to the founder of the Institute and the creator of this amazing conference, Reif Larsen.

Reif is a fascinating man who sees the climate imperative we face and recognizes that we need to look beyond individual buildings or products to our communities. It is in the connected and established systems of living that we will find the opportunities we MUST embrace to create our shared, sustainable, future world.

“You don’t have to move to live in a sustainable city” Majora Carter

I am terribly sorry if you missed the conference. I know many of the materials and speakers (and oh, what speakers) will be featured on the website.

We also have for you our conversation with Reif. We spoke with him about a month before the conference, and heard his vision about the work and his hopes for the connections that would be (and were) fostered. We also learned about his soon-to-be-published children’s books and his admiration for Frederick Douglass as a writer and a man.

Check out our YouTube site at Subject2Change – Sustainability for the full-length conversation, as well as links to resources Reif mentioned.

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