From Outlier to National Goal (S2C E20)

What do Red Bull, Universal Design, and a letter writing dog have in common? You’ll have to watch all three of Dave’s videos to find out!

It was so cool to have time to talk with Dave Sadowsky, soon-to-be-retired architect, about his career that has spanned from a time when green buildings were unheard of to a time when the state and federal governments are mandating them.

Dave is a storyteller. No, actually, Dave is a story maker.

Life is better when there is a story in it, and when the work at hand has not only what you see in the moment, but a history and a rationale, even if that reason is based on a bit of silliness.

Join us to learn more about a valuable career and a life of impact.

Check out our YouTube site at Subject2Change – Sustainability for the full-length conversation, as well as links to resources, people, and events Dave mentioned in our conversation.

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Note – I write these promotions, but this video project is NOT doable without Lauren Staniec, an exceptional co-conspirator, interviewer, and friend.

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