Mentorship and Impeccable Words (S2C E21)

Meet Laura Thorne who has built a career on doing more things than can be listed in a half hour podcast. She is an amazing human, focused on mentoring emerging professionals, training mentors, sharing impactful books, and being energized by hip-hop.

Join us for a conversation about how careers are created (hint – it can be messy and that’s ok) and what makes a good mentor. I was incredibly inspired by Laura and impressed by her pragmatism, hope, and willingness to enjoy the journey

“Nobody wants to hire the person who can’t do the research themselves – we’re scientists!”


Check out our YouTube site at Subject2Change – Sustainability for the full-length conversation, as well as links to resources, and events we mentioned in our conversation.

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Can you be a mentor? Think about being a guide to being greener,


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