Small Town, Big Doings (S2C, E22)

You’ve met Katelyn before, in our wonderfully informative session on sustainable financing. We are so glad to welcome her back, and to include Ryan, to talk about the Sustainability Team for the Town of Manlius, NY and all they are experiencing and accomplishing.

One BIG revelation from this chat? There is an incredibly powerful opportunity to give our kids, teens, and young adults the right to contribute and lead, if we not only include them in the work but listen to them and take in their insights. Ryan has been so valuable in the work in Manlius, and he talks about the disconnect in school and the lack of opportunity to deeply learn by doing, which service in town planning addresses! Katelyn is devoted to the process of governance and serving her community, and realizes everyone needs to engage with and inform that process. A true collaboration, of significant benefit to both (and all).

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