Our Best Selves (S2C E27)

When we interview, we nearly always ask two questions. First, who is your hero; and second, what is the thing, be it a movement, an idea, an issue of chaos or healing, that more people should be aware of? We get so many insights, and you really should watch our 2min2change playlist to be inspired by this growing network of people and concepts.

And now and again we are blown away by the answers.

Heather reminded us, in clear terms and with total, centered conviction, that her hero is her best self, otherwise she may go off of the path that she is meant to follow. Plenty of people inspire her, but her hero is the person she is meant to be when she is paying attention. Part of paying attention is to listen to her intuition, her gut. All of us need to trust our gut a bit more than we do. We are in a logic-driven society that likes group-think and metrics/data, but so often our intuition is the better guide for our personal journey. In fact, our gut(s) ae what brought Lauren and I here, to having these amazing conversations.

This video is a bit later than normal, but believe me when I tell you it is well worth the wait. Watch for yourself, and then trust your gut and spend some time in forest-bathing and breathing through your nose. You won’t regret it.

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