Materials Matter (S2C E29)

I read an incredible book about 16 years ago (or so) titled “Homes that Heal; and Those that Don’t” by Athena Thompson. Lisa did not mention this book in her chat with us, but the issue was painted with the same level of revelation and received with a comparable level of shock. We build homes and all buildings in fact with materials that are harming us, even killing us.

And the awareness is JUST starting to take root, and we are just beginning to pay attention to materials and how they impact our health.

This is a big deal. A very big deal.We are at a time of transition in the building industry when we need to manage energy use, understand embodied carbon, and be chemists in our spare time on top of all that. This is insanity, but it must be done. We cannot poison ourselves, or the planet, or the climate any longer.

Lisa is on a journey of discovery and attention to make sure we have the tools to make better choices. She is also presenting in policy hearings to make the imperative clear to our legislators and voting public. And she is assessing materials and improving materials with manufacturers so projects become free of Red List materials, and therefore healthier for the occupants.

Check out our Youtube channel to learn more about Lisa Carey Moore and the toxins in our built environment.

Expand your awareness, and be greener,




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