The Customer Experience, AI, and Performance (S2C E38)

Who is a customer? What does data have to do with the experience, and how can AI help us improve it? What about reading the crowd, services for small businesses, and the unsung heroes we can learn from?

Our conversation with Roy Atkinson was so fascinating that we ended up with three (yes, 3) long video cuts, along with a 2min2change cut. Check them all out on our our YouTube channel (and don’t forget to share your comments with us, and to subscribe)!

Join us as we explore service as the continual thread through all of Roy’s endeavors to-date, from being a professional musician and reading a crowd, to providing IT service, to consulting on IT and resources, to writing and speaking and advising on the customer experience.

Check out this song, BTW –

With humor, insight, and humility, Roy helps Lauren and I to understand dark data (cue eerie music) and the great potential in mining it. He advises us on automation for any size company, and reminds us that some organizations get it…and some really don’t.

What does this have to do with sustainability? It’s about iterative process, respecting the humans that are central to any interaction, and using data instead of letting it collect dust.

Thanks for playing!

Lauren and Jodi


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