The Intersection of Planning and Poetry (S2C E44)

Sometimes we chat with people that we think will be interesting, but we really don’t know what the outcome will be. It’s a total crap shoot. 

We absolutely rolled a seven on this one-roll bet with Ron Deverman, engineer, farmer, poet, and whole human. What a wonderful, fulfilling, and inspiring interview. A renaissance man, in my opinion, who has created an exceptional life by playing within and between art and science, and nature and design. All the while focusing on communication, collaboration, and joy in the moments at hand.

Spend this time with us and with Ron. You won’t regret it. Soft-spoken, clear, and inspiring, he tells us of his work throughout the USA in supporting community through transit and transportation engineering. He also reads for us his own crafted words in poetry, and pay homage to the compelling words of the poet Mary Oliver, his hero, as he shares quotes from her inspiring work.

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Thanks for watching!

Jodi and Lauren

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