Glass Straws

This was a GREAT find last year for Christmas.  We bought our son some glass straws.  Kickin’ the plastic straw habit, all the way. These are the ones we bought – Hummingbird Glass Straws and, as an added bonus life-hack, we use a pen grip to keep the straw from clanking on the lip of a glass.

Why is avoiding plastic straws important? In the USA we use on average 1.6 straws PER PERSON, PER DAY.  Shocking. Some more FAQs and great answers here.

Everytime I am at Cracker Barrel, or a diner, or anywhere and they hand me a straw, I hand it back and say “no thank you”. If they opened it and put it in my drink for me, I am bummed, and I let them know.  It’s a waste for their business and for the environment.  And I know someone out there will say “what about the jobs tied to manufacturing plastic straws – shouldn’t we use these to keep people employed?” That’s a whole bigger blog, but here’s my overview opinion: there is too much of value that needs to be done in this world to be wasting talent and time on creating materials that will be thrown out and, in the process, kill critters and poison our planet. I had to say it.

So, indulge in these if you can, and avoid the taste and taint of plastic (or even paper) straws.  And, as an added bonus, take another step toward zero waste!

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  • This is great! I love the pen grip idea. Thank you so much saying no to plastic. It’s a tough habit to kick, but it makes a tremendous difference for our health and for the environment.

    Happy Sipping!


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