Author, Servant-Leader, and Inspiration (S2C E46)

Author, Servant-Leader, Leadership Coach, Facilitator, and Gracious Soul – this is Rex Miller.

Lauren and I were so very lucky to be able to spend some time with Rex to learn about what inspires him, his view on the Hero’s Journey, and his passion for purpose.

What is your purpose?

Rex says out of hundreds he has spoken with, no one knows their purpose. We have changed the idea of purpose to be about some outer thing to focus on, when indeed it is about becoming the best version of your own self, whatever that it. It requires serious inside work as well as reaching for joy.

We also talk with Rex about his books. Two that are soon to be released focus on our educational system and what have we learned and lost through the COVID pandemic. He speaks with us about how “catching up” is not about the learning lost but more about the emotional intelligence and emotional development losses of over 25 million students. His recent publication, “Nudge”, has inspired and informed me in my new professional role. Rex’s excitement for improving our cognitive and emotional development, and our complete health and happiness, is infectious in spirit while totally fact-driven.

Join us for our conversation with Rex!

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Jodi and Lauren


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