For a Full Life of Joy, Wonder, and Connections: Own It (S2C E51)

Join us for a fluid, comfy, and inspiring chat with Bennett Carlin, Engineer, Balloon Artist, Magician, Teacher, Friend, and Family man. To name a few of his personages.

What I love about talking to Bennett is that he likes to explore new ideas, as well as revisit ideas that have intrigued him in the past. From being inspired to learn how to craft balloon animals for his son’s birthday, to teaching engineers how to talk with architects, he is a grand connector of thoughts. 

He is absolutely gracious and inviting, a wickedly wonderful combination. As you talk with him, you feel accepted, seen, and held to account. Intoxicating. 

Here are some ideas and connections Bennett mentioned:

We want you to find inspiration and some dots to connect in your work and your life.

Check out our YouTube channel. We’ve had so many exceptional conversations, each reveals new perspectives to consider, and new ideas to explore. Please comment, like, subscribe, share. We want the people we are talking to to gain connections. We want you to find inspiration and some dots to connect in your work and your life.

And we, quite frankly, want our audience to grow so we all reach an even greater network and continue to knit it all together in the many beautiful layers and connections of a community moving toward evolution into and with regenerative practice!

It takes more conversation, 2bgreener,

Jod and Lauren

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