Carbon, Food Access, and Passion (S2C E54)

Wow. Sometimes we connect with old friends that are doing amazing work in the world, moving the needle for our communities and our beneficial carbon future.

This absolutely happened with our chat with Kyle Thomas.

Join us in our conversations with Kyle. We talk about the significant benefits of the Carbon Dividend Act, which will finally put a price on carbon, and Lauren offers a PUBLIC APOLOGY for not standing with this Act when she first heard of it a few years ago. She didn’t think we needed a legislative hammer to reduce carbon, but look at us now…

Kyle also is here to tell us about the Crop2Shop App, which connects farmers to new direct-markets. Any homeowner, restaurant, or store can use Crop2Shop to increase their access to fresh, local foods. This makes a ton of sense, and we talk about Kyle’s challenges and hopes for making this significant breakthrough change.

As always, here are links to items Kyle shared with us in our chat. Copy them into your browser to learn more about Carbon, Food Apartheid, and more.

  • Crop2Shop:
  • Consulting:
  • Geomarketing:
  • USDA Farmers Market:
  • Spectrum Technology for Change:
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension:
  • American Grassfed Association:
  • Citizen’s Climate Lobby:
  • CCL Letter to Congress:
  • The Hockey Stick & Climate Wars, Michael Mann:

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Jodi and Lauren

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