Humankind: A Hopeful History (B2C)

  • Need a book that gives you hope? Read this one.
  • Need a book that unnerves you? Read this one.
  • Need a book that has incredible stories revealing the good in people while, at the same time, makes you realize we all think most people suck? Read this one.

See, that’s the biggest problem we face.

We design systems, especially social systems, from the outside looking in and while making assumptions that people are bad. They are not. They (we all) are marvelous. And when we design systems to celebrate and support the inherent goodness in humankind, we will see that come forward. When we design systems to protect against the failings of man, thinking they are ubiquitous instead of occasional, we cause universal contempt for the systems which very soon then break apart.

And Mr. Bregman is an excellent writer. Just sayin’.

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