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First, a brief note to subscribers to this blogsite and to the YouTube channel Subject2Change.

Lauren and I have both been hit with a ton of deadlines throughout September and even early October related to work and to teaching, and have found that we needed time to find the balance. We intend to be back to posting new videos within the next week or two. I also hope to get back to writing fresh blog posts, here. I have a ton of ideas for presentations and curious thoughts on sustainability, wok, living, and process.

Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, book reviews are still possible. Both Lauren and I were fascinated by speaking with Lisa Whited a few weeks ago, and we hope you have watched the video conversation. Her book is indeed a gem, and I invite you to watch my very brief review of it. Her book is on my desk at work and/or in my travel bag as I try to understand how to create an architecture and engineering office that is vibrant and flexible in how and where people work.

Her book is full of tips and cautions and useful case studies about what we need to consider in crafting the work environment that works for our varied companies, inclusive staffing, profitability, and joy in life.

Thanks for watching. Please like, comment and subscribe subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can expand this network of connection. Let’s not only be subject2change, but willing to explore and set our course!

Watch the review on the Books2Change Playlist, read the book if you have an interest, and share some comments on our YT site!

Think (and use) the seven tenets of PLLANET 2bgreener!


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