What Exactly, is a Futurist? (S2C E61)

Wow. It’s been awhile and how we’ve missed you. YOU being the amazing people we chat with, exploring ideas and learning about journeys. YOU being our subscribers and watchers. And YOU being Lauren (I really miss Lauren). 

Life gets busy and we often don’t have time to dwell in the present let alone in the future. So we heartily welcome our guest, Bryan Alexander, Futurist. 

In a scant hour he talked us through future visions that have informed our present and clarified our past. He helped us to see clearly that the seed of change today makes the progress of tomorrow and that we have a stake in what that tomorrow is and how it functions. Also, we can change our tomorrow by thinking of it, visioning it, today and every day. Get used to creating our future, and then do it.

Join us for some wit, loads of wisdom, and a ton of books to read, all wrapped up in a totally amazing, convivial, and purposefully wandering conversation!

As always (or nearly always) here is a list of resources we mentioned in the interview. Copy the links into your browser, and dive in!

From Lauren – Sorry for all of the Amazon links.  I try to go back to the publisher so that its not promoting any one shopping site.  Some of these references were pretty tough!

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Jodi and Lauren

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