Universities on Fire (S2C E65)

Bryan Alexander is a return visitor to Subject2Change and we are so glad for his time, expertise, and curiosity! So, welcome to him, as he tells us about his new book “Universities on Fire” and what he has learned about the challenges and opportunities ahead for higher education in the USA and abroad.

Some teases for you related to this cut of our chat and the one we posted last weekend.

  • What is the hardest thing for academics to change?
  • How will college courses change, from hands-on, to community informed to…?
  • What about the power of community colleges?
  • And should our relationship to climate change change? From to us, to because of us to…?

Join us for our conversation with Bryan, and gain some of your own curiosity about what higher education should be.

And as always, thanks for watching. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can expand this network of connection. Let’s not only be subject2change, but willing to explore, question, and learn!

Jodi and Lauren


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