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Some very interesting info on coffee, related to recycling and resource reductions.

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· To reduce use of disposable paper cups, think about checking with your local coffee shop to see if they offer reusable and/or recyclable* cups , such as this one from Starbucks, which is now available in New York: http://blogs.starbucks.com/blogs/customer/archive/2012/10/02/save-money-cups-and-the-planet.aspx. As an added bonus, most places offer a discount on the cost of refills for using reusable cups! Reusable cups can often be used for cold beverages too.

· To reduce use of disposable pods for brewing coffee, consider purchasing reusable pods for your Keurig machine (or similar brands) to reduce waste and costs. A box of K-Cups can cost more than $10. The amount of coffee that the whole box contains can be bought, as organic, fair trade beans or pre-ground, for about $1. Note: Double-check which pods fit your machine as they are NOT universal.

· To save money, reduce waste and conserve gas, consider making coffee at home. Driving to purchase coffee in a paper cup that costs an average of $4 per cup (Bach, 2009) can add up to $1,000 if purchased 5 days a week for 50 weeks a year.

JavaTrivia for you!

1) ___ billion Styrofoam cups were thrown away in 2011

2) Every __ cup(s) manufactured equals one pound of CO2 emissions

3) Conservative estimates are that __ billion, yes billion, coffee pods will be used in the U.S. this year alone

4) If you save one cup a day for __ year(s), you personally can save 24 trees

For more reasons why you should “save a cup”, click here!

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