Boys with toys

I had a great discussion with my brother-in-law while in Rotterdam (Netherlands).  He is exceptionally intelligent, politically savvy, and knows we need to deal with the changes in climate, but he is exceptionally cynical about the world. It’s actually a good counter to my naiveté at times.

But my rose colored glasses do not denote foolishness.

We were talking about Tesla, and he was adamant that Tesla is doing the wrong work in the Netherlands, or at least this is what I heard. We talked quite a bit, and, from what I understood with the exciting and intriguing mix of Dutch and English in our debate, it is not that Tesla is doing anything wrong, but that the use of Teslas in the Netherlands is creating the impression that green is for the wealthy playboys, and beyond the capability of the middle class or poor.

Because of this, my brother-in-law is angry with Tesla, especially the stupidity of the “ludicrous mode” which only serves to strengthen that boys with toys impression. He feels that this type of marketing, this showy green-ness, only undermines true and lasting change.

I, on the other hand, applaud Tesla for making greener choices fun. They are advancing technology in many ways and the price will come down over time. They are creating market drive. It is unfortunate that the attitude of some will taint that traction and make it feel shallow and playboy-esque, when what it could be is a game changer, bringing us to a less fossil-fuel dependent existence. That is not the fault of Tesla and they should keep pushing, providing, innovating.

We also have to remember that one technology, one company won’t do it. We need the toys for playing as well as the practical hands on solutions and the really cheap fill-in work around ideas. We need it all and we need it now.

The only appeal I have to Tesla is to make some toys for the less financial trust-baby boys (and girls) out here. Even some half-as-good solutions for the masses, which the Model 3 gets closer to, would help create traction. The more we can make alt fuel normal the better for all.

As for my brother-in-law, whom I love dearly, keep the cynicism coming. We need to stay on our toes, and you may just help us to do it!

Play hard, work hard and be greener,


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