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We may finally be getting to a place where we can internalize the costs of carbon in our planning, and this should change our understanding of our symbiosis with the air we breathe and the water we drink (and flush). Toxic emissions just don’t go away…

Per the included article, the current costs established by the EPA and supported by a Federal Court ruling are $36 per ton of carbon emitted. To put this in perspective for the construction industry, creating one ton of Portland cement produces about one ton of carbon emissions. For every ton of cement, add in about $40 to begin to deal with the health burdens created by CO2 emissions…and plan accordingly. When we’re talking about a large building with literally tons of cement, this would certainly encourage me to see where I can intelligently reduce the materials that carry high emissions levels.

Federal Court Elevates Social Cost of Carbon over Industry Demands

See also The Solutions Project for info-graphics illustrating the cost of carbon emissions and how Renewable Energy choices can reduce deaths from particulates and other poor air quality issues.

Breathe easy, it’s getting better,


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