The Dunk Tank

I will be in the Dunk Tank at the staff picnic planned and hosted by the union and supported by the Authority.

IMG_1716I only mention this because it illustrates something I care a lot about – we have to be present, in the moment, in order to truly be sustainable. I mean it. We cannot be hands-off managers, planners and strategic “thought leaders”. We must be these things AND in the trenches, hands in the dirt and on the systems, greening. This can be in our own homes by cleaning green and composting, or it can be by doing research and writing papers and presenting the inspirational materials to others. In all cases, it must include some humor, and some ability to laugh at the struggle, even while we continue to fight. Otherwise we’ll go nutty. Climate change is scary, and the changes we must make are intensely huge and overwhelming. It never hurts when a Director or some other titled leader gets in the tank to show they’re part of the solution, too.

So I will be “present” by riding a bike to the company picnic and then by sitting in the dunk tank, heckling staff with taunts as robust as “YOU leave the WATER running while you brush your TEETH” and “YOU have excessive VAMPIRE loads” and the worst, “YOU drink BOTTLED water”. I think I may even wear my Statue of Liberty costume. A bit of re-use, and I know Lady Liberty “gets” this greening thing. It’s written all over her face (and body and torch).

And, it’s for charity!


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