NYC Women’s March

The most exceptional thing about the women’s march, besides the peaceful gatherings, the massive crowds, and the fact that women and men marched all over the world? The fact that this march was not a single issue march.IMG_0004


It was an every issue march. It was about respect for my fellow (wo)man, health care, equity and equality, security, education, war and peace, intellect and introspection. It was about reminding government that we hired them to lead. It was a reminder that the “we” out here is incredibly diverse and attentive. It was a reminder that the USA is part of a greater world that is also full of “we’s”  and that they are also attentive.

IMG_0007I saw nature’s knowledge in this march. As a point of fact I see nature’s knowledge in much of what I experience every day, and in this case I am remarking upon it because I see nature’s knowledge has, quite possibly, been embraced and is informing the present tone and purpose of demonstrations and vigils, of activism and info gathering.

I saw:

A wide variety of issues – we understand the interrelation of healthcare, immigration, social programs, climate change and education in a way we never have before seen expressed.

An immense and incredibly diverse presence of voices – overlapping in their causes and hopes and goals. In this march,  when middle-aged, affluent women are speaking in tandem with young, lower-economic-class men, and retirees on welfare, and young professionals with disposable incomes, and PHDs and high schoolers, all in different colors of skin or living situations, we saw a solidarity of a different and truly sustainable kind.

A presence with a similar range of issues and voices in cities and town worldwide – this redundancy makes the point real. It is not about us versus them, but about “we”. About our collective future. These issues affect the world.


The strongest lessons of nature have always been interdependence of systems, diversity and redundancy. If we can build on those messages, beginning with this transformational women’s march, I will place my bet on a better future.

Thanks for being present!



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