Here’s to the Makers

Here’s to the makers
From kids with box forts, to contractors, to bakers.

And thanks, sincere thanks, to all who put hands to work needed
The givers, the supporters, for ideas and ideals seeded.

Here’s to the art makers
Skills old and new
The makers of movement, of song, of visuals, of emotions
And thanks to the funders and the spectators, too.

Here’s to the knowledge makers
Those who share insights, in and out
Who help others identify and reach for potential
And who share all the excitement, joy and doubt

Here’s to the designers and builders
Whose practice is hands-on building of shelter
Those who grok convergence of people, place, and nature
To build community while avoiding freeze and swelter

Here’s to the meal makers,
Gifting sustenance and joy as we chew
The chefs, short order cooks, confectioners,
The vintners, distillers, and those who brew.

Here’s to the fiber-art makers
The needlers who knit, crochet, weave, and sew,
Cross stitch, embroider, spin, or darn the
Clothes, masks, cloths, and blankets we wear and throw.

Here’s to craft makers
Woodworkers who select, carve, miter, polish, turn
Soap makers and DIYers with safer cleaning
Clay masters throwing the bowls for which we yearn.

Here’s to the vision-makers
The questioning, curious, ever-learning
Those who ponder “How can we to do this differently, better,”
And are “Mistakes are part of the process“ affirming.

Here’s to machine makers
Those who use gear, power, and drive
To move us, and warm us,
Who power, move, and light our lives.

Here’s to the “like new” makers
Those who repair and restore,
And let us love our cherished items through use,
Then let us love them longer and more.

Here’s to the health makers
Those who keep us in fit form
Who help us exercise, learn, protect and prevent
And who make healthy lives more the norm.

Here’s to the eden-makers,
Gardeners of flowers and food
Who feed us and the bees and butterflies
And build our local food fortitude.

Here’s to YOU,
Be you a maker, or not yet.
To your willingness to try to something new to do
and to support your local makers, well-met.

Local is better, and what we really need
Maker-made means support of community, let’s take the lead.

We can redefine and reinvest in material and skill;
Recognize quality and value time. Let’s have the will.


– Jodi, April 2020

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