We just got back from a week in Southeastern CT, where I grew up.  It’s not a vacation mecca, and the purpose of this post is not to brag about Mystic, Groton, and New London, or the stoic, New England sensibilities of my upbringing, or the succulent lobster at Abbott’s in Noank, but to share a small revelation with you all about recharging, about healing, and about being outside.

Here is a list of the things we did and loved doing over vacation:

Hearing the fog horns from the lighthouses and ferry boats, eating lobster at picnic tables by the Mystic River, walking to the beach, shopping in downtown Mystic where every store and restaurant had doors and windows open to the street, flying a drone by the Thames River and by the Mystic River, drawing my favorite house from the water’s edge, watching the trains in New London, sitting on the porch drinking coffee, walking around the Seaport and watching the demo squad handling sail and singing chanteys…and kayaking, in LI Sound from CT to NY (about 12 miles round trip), on the Mystic River after sun-down, and past Shennecossett and Eastern Point beaches on a sunny, windy day.

And nearly all of these things were outdoors, or seeing sun dappled water, or hearing the sounds of boats, trains, birds, and playing kids, or smelling the salt and slight funk of drying seaweed. Or tasting saltwater, seafood, and local beers. Or touching sand and rocky shores, slick launch points, or the worn, curved, boards of the back stairs in the house we rented.

Every part of this vacation that healed me and let me rest and helped me prep again for “real life” has been one with nature, as I am one with nature. I can only continue my efforts in daily life with this re-connection, this recharging, this feeding of my soul, body, and intellect.

Try it sometime, in whatever manifestation you can access.

Be recharged, and be greener,


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