Darn Good Interview! (S2C E67)

Disclaimer – I am a fan-girl of Darn Good Yarn, and very excited about this Subject2Change chat. And I am now holding Nicole to some promised patterns for MY yarn stash!

Nicole has met all Lauren’s and my preconceived notions – she is curious, intelligent, discovery-focused, business-savvy, and crafty in the best way. Along with transparent and giving fully to this conversation.

In our first cut of our chat, we talk more about the yarns and the cultivation of impact in countries that supply the silk and other recycled fibers. It is amazing  to learn that a successful business strategy can, over time, create demand for waste products and do so in a way that connects us to the full lifecycle of materials. All this while supporting a step up in life-style and purpose for women, particularly women, in third world countries.

What if every purchase of everything integrated this extra step to improve lives and livelihood in-nation and abroad? Think on that as a “nested systems” approach. Can we do what we want to do (e.g. buying yarn) in a way that improves the lives of others, heals natural systems, and pays benefits forward in the act?

Our second cut talks more about business: How to run a business, tools to do so, and the challenges of running a start-up and growing business with great impact. Nicole stresses the importance of therapy and planning to support the evolution of the business itself along with your own personal sanity and growth.

Also, what happens when a small, locationally specific, waste-to-product company is adopted by a big-box store….what does this future hold?

And as always, thanks for watching. Please like, comment, share, and subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can expand this network of connection. Let’s not only be subject2change, but willing to explore, question, and learn!

Jodi and Lauren

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