I teach and share as much as I can. Below are a couple of videos you might enjoy and a link to my page on

Feel free to use these presentations as you wish; I ask only that you let me know you’re using them and tell me if they have been useful or not. It would be great to get input from you as well as to additional presentations or content I should explore.


The presentations are very image-heavy. If you would like additional information on background stories and data that are framed by the imagery, please send me your questions via the Contact page.

Sustainability and Innovation Forum, November, 2014:  An audio of a talk at Woodland Hill Montessori School, on the Eight Habits of Highly Effective Green People.

My TEDx talk in Albany, 2011, about an amazing TBL success at a local Montessori School.

My candidate video for the USGBC Board – elections in October, 2013.

This is an old video at DASNY. The reporting is pretty faulty, but this is my first trackable presence on video speaking about smarter business.

DASNY actual let the temperature FLOAT as low as 68 degrees in the winter and as high as 78 in the summer, and it does, in fact, save close to $10,000 a year and our staff is still quite comfortable.

Initial interview at DASNY with David Brown, in 2008, who was the leader that hired me to serve the Authority as Director of Sustainability Programs. Long-ish piece, but nice overview of some of DASNY’s goals that are ongoing.

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