Jodi, looking thoughtful



So glad you found this page!

I am a passionate advocate of green buildings, and I care deeply about making smarter choices in life, balancing choices to benefit “everyone, the environment, and the economy”.

I am an architect and LEED-AP DB+C (knowledgeable about Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design in the Building Design and Construction realm). I love the outdoors, have a healthy nervousness around technology (ah, well) and revel in working with large and diverse groups of people.

I was raised in New England by stoic but fun-loving older parents, and I consider myself frugal until I get swept away by crafted work too beautiful to resist.

I have strong and usually clear opinions that are still flexible and capable of growing and changing as I gain strong and clear perspectives from other sources.

I welcome you to learn from me and to teach me.

Some current work/passionate exploits include:

Editing and researching to contribute to Project Drawdown, one of the most exciting endeavors I’ve seen, co-founded by Amanda Ravenhill and Paul Hawken. So far I’ve worked on Cool Roofs and Green Roofs, and am now undertaking investigations into Retro-Commissioning. http://www.drawdown.org/

A member of the East Coast Congress for the International Living Future Institute. This congress is dedicated to identifying effective advocacy focus points for the states in the eastern area of the USA. http://living-future.org/

Greater involvement with NESEA in helping to identify and develop the education sessions for this spring’s Building Energy 2018 conference in Boston. I am also the co-chair for the Building Energy NYC conference in fall of 2019. (NESEA is linked on the Speaking Gigs page).

A volunteer planner working with CapSciNY for the Albany March for Science event on April 14, 2018. #nipperlovesscience