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I have spoken over the years about resiliency, the LEED rating systems, case studies on green buildings, biophilia, professional skills needed for greener projects, personal engagement, mind shift, success in NYS procurement and other topics.  In addition, I have hosted monthly education sessions in Albany, NY for nearly four years, and moderated many discussions panels.

Want to meet in person?  I’d love that!


Planned speaking gigs:

I am very excited to be presenting at a couple of conferences this spring:

The NYS Green Building Conference in Syracuse – April 5-6 with Jim D’Aloisio on Escalating Exceptional Envelopes: the Nine Habits Revisited

Building Energy 2018 in Boston MA – March 7-9 with Jim D’Aloisio on Escalating Exceptional Envelopes: the Nine Habits Revisited

Youth Climate Summit (instructor/presenter) at the Malta NY Tec-Smart building – May 2018

SUNY ALbany G3 Master’s Capstone – February 23rd, 2018 on TBL business strategies.

Past Speaking Engagements:

Attached are some lists of past speaking engagements, including when, where, and on what topic.

January 15, 2016 at SUNY Albany for G3 program (private): “DASNY sustainability: big, small and in-between efforts”

March 9-10, 2016 at Building Energy 16 (the NESEA Conference in Boston, MA): “Core Principles:Sustainability in Practice” – Co-speaking with Jim D’Aloisio of Klepper Hahn and Hyatt (and very proud to be sharing the stage with Jim!)

April 14-15, 2016  at the NYS Green Building Conference in Syracuse, NY: “Core Principles:Sustainability in Practice” – Co-speaking with Jim D’Aloisio of Klepper Hahn and Hyatt (once again, lucky to be working with Jim)


2012 speaking gigs

2013 speaking gigs

2014 speaking gigs

2013 final NY Upstate USGBC event roster

2014 final NY Upstate USGBC event roster

2015 final NY Upstate USGBC event roster


Useful Resources:

Also, I’m a great fan of information, in small doses and big. Here are a few of the most useful sites I’ve found – they range from technical info sites for architects to sustainability tip sites to interesting blog sites.

Please don’t hesitate to check them out. Let me know if you find something particularly useful or you feel that a site is not worthy!

NESEA – the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association


NESEA recognizes that the first sustainable energy is the energy you don’t use, so their work is fully engaged in building science and making buildings work better overall.  Join them for their yearly conference, this year starting on March 3rd. google BE2015.

The U.S. Green Building Council

The USGBC only recently added a robust blog feature to their site. It is new and growing, and with national member companies ranging from Staples to sole-proprietor design firms, the inputs are wide-ranging. Focuses include advocacy issues regarding green buildings, development of rating systems, and some tech inputs.

GPRO – Green Building Professional training (for hands on)


I am a Master Trainer for the New York and Toronto areas. GPRO has modules for various focus crafts and seeks to train the hands on Construction Managers, Installers of HVAC, and Facility Managers, etc. what can be done in their work to achieve better energy efficiency and success in goals under LEED rating systems and other guidance systems.

An excellent series of training – supported by NYS Government through NYSERDA grants in 2015.

Inhabitat: design will change the world

This site talks about the more in-depth systemic approaches to more sustainable design solutions. Heady and inspiring.


Treehugger can be a bit more political in nature, and I find the writing and the perspectives to be VERY informed. Great technical and science info as well as tons in the social and living realm. Occasional insights into the lives of the rich and famous, if you want that, as well.


Please send along, in the comment field, any sites I should know about or share on this website!


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