Why I’m here (and maybe why you are as well)

IMG_8725It seems to me that everything can and should be related to sustainability (or being “greener”). From the most simple action of brushing your teeth to complex projects involving government funding, site environmental reviews, architects, contractors and banks, everything can move in a better direction.

This is why I’m here and, I hope, why you are as well.

I’m not advocating for each person to drive themselves nutty with guilt or with paralyzing anxiety over getting enough or the right information. I’m talking about caring enough to ask a simple question or two and then maybe decide it’s easy to be that much greener from now on. Then tomorrow or next week, maybe an additional question might crop up. Voila – over time, every action, every choice is greener than the one before. Greener without stress or panic or guilt (I really hate the guilt side of all of this). Ideally, we can begin to grasp and build on the opportunities that are truly present in climate change and in seeking greater sustainability and closed-loop processes.  Innovation, reduced waste, better health and a growth in community engagement.

So, welcome – I can help you to find the questions you need to ask. I can perhaps show you ideas you haven’t considered. I can speak to your team or your school or your committee working on a project. I am changing every day, and you may see that through this blog, or even facilitate my learning through your comments. My goal? 2bgreener each day, of course.