Building Energy 15 – excited and scared!


I am speaking at Building Energy 15 in Boston in a FEW SHORT WEEKS.  The caliber of presenters at this event is impressive, and I am seriously pinching myself at being included. So “excited and scared” like the Little Red Riding Hood in Sondheim’s “Into the Woods”.  Intrigued and energized while feeling challenged and a bit over my head!  I know this crew is so gracious that I don’t fear being eaten, at least.

Come hear Alex Wilson (Resilient Design Institute) and John Abrams (writer of “Companies We Keep”) and Marine Dion on the greenest schools out there and Jim D’Aloisio on the CO2 burden in our structural materials choices and Nadav Malin (building green) on the water challenges we face, and…on and on.

Come to meet REAL people, working very hard to discover more and not only share it, but refine it with input from all the other great, intelligent, real people out there.  This is not your average building trade show conference…

As for my part?  I am speaking on March 4th at 2pm and sharing my view on the roots of resiliency – getting past the data crunching to the real truth of it all.

Care to join me?  I even welcome hecklers (within the constraints of no thrown fruits or veggies, please).


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