(aren’t we all) Subject2Change

Doncha think it is about time we meet….all the people doing the good work of sustainability? 
My good friend Lauren and I are trying something new and amazing for us, and we intend it to be FUN and INFORMATIVE for you. We’re having conversations, not just with people in the green building industry, but anyone and everyone working on any of the many aspects of sustainability. We are then sharing the interviews with you. Every conversation we’ve had so far has further informed our notions of sustainability through discussions of education, design, financing and money management, politics, family, equity, community, business ownership, building, communication and marketing, science, acting, and the arts.
And there is so much more ahead!

Sustainability touches and informs everything. Join us to discover what those linkages look like and how to intentionally harness them to benefit our shared future. 

Our YouTube channel is Subject2Change – Sustainability
We will post two videos each week.  One will be longer, anything from 15 minutes to over 1/2 hour, sharing the full breadth and depth of the interview, as serious and as silly as we get. The other will be between 2-3 minutes, just touching on the biggest ideas we encountered, usually revealing a hero we should all be following on social media, and the one thing, movement, idea, or discovery we should all learn more about. The short video will also be tweeted out.
We are doing this to strengthen and extend the network of creative thought, innovative solutions, intriguing projects, and committed people that already exists. Time to get curious! Check out the site. Subscribe to it and follow me and Lauren (and our guests) on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our first eight interviews are already posted, so you can watch ahead, or wait for our weekly outreach. You will find useful resources in each video and video description on the channel, and we have already met such fascinating people.
We need this network to grow, and we invite you to let us know of people we should meet! 
We hope to talk with YOU soon,
Lauren and Jodi
Lauren – E: Lauren@ehabitat-cny.com and T: @LaurenTheDesig1
Jodi – E: greenerjsa@gmail.com and T: @greenerjsa
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