Leading from Within (S2C E12)

I have always found that the world of architecture and engineering, especially when it comes to sustainability, is full of big thinkers, aspirational leaders, and intrinsic connectors. And Melissa O’Mara proves that discovery.

And she goes even deeper, into leadership from within. By understanding her own motivations, and helping others to recognize and respond to theirs, she is making leadership about self-confidence and self-awareness.

Join us to understand our own blind spots better. Learn about guidance tools and language shifts to explore. Find out what aspects of the political world (note this interview was our first of 2021) actually inspire Melissa about our positive future.

Check out our YouTube site, “Subject2Change – Sustainability” and as you watch our growing number of wonderful conversations, please tell us what you think, what strikes you to think deeper and what ideas challenge you or make you want to challenge us. Maybe help us to identify our blind spots.

Thank you, for seeking to lead from within,




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