Renaissance Man (S2C E13)

In our deep and fascinating conversation with Bart Trudeau of Trudeau Architects, pllc, we learn about data, computer programming for planning, landscaping, mankind’s relation to Nature, the Pope’s perspectives on the planet, politics and voting rights, zero net energy home renovations, edible plants, renewable energy solutions, difficult lessons learned, residence hall design, communication, family, and frogs…

Bart is a renaissance man.

This wide-ranging curiosity and respect is absolutely appropriate for the time we are in. Each time there is chaos, a darkening, a struggle, we emerge with ideas, innovation, compassion and a yearning to learn, grow, and connect. Watch this short video, and then go to our YouTube site to see the deeper, full conversation with Bart. A true pleasure, every minute.

Please share, like, comment, and subscribe! We truly want our conversations to bridge the silos out there. We are learning that sustainability impacts everything, and that everything can inform how we live, learn, and love on this planet.

I wish you a renaissance!


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