Plastics, Toxins, and Carbon, Oh My (S2C E15)

This week Lauren and I welcome a superstar of the greening of NY state, the nation, and the world. Judith Enck, former EPA Administrator in the Obama Administration, current visiting faculty at Bennington College, and an always driving force in better materials management policy, joined us to talk about her reinvigorated focus on getting us beyond plastics.

Why do we care? Eliminating plastics is a key component in achieving a healthy, clean, and equitable future. The toxic burden of production and disposal weighs heavily on people of color and economically disadvantaged communities. Incineration is absolutely NOT the answer, and bioplastics are a confusing stop-gap. And we must work to change this, for the benefit of us all.

It takes each of us to make a collective difference, which is reinforced by Judith’s hero (I’m not telling; You have to watch to find out).

Check out also the New Yorker piece written by Bill McKibben and featuring Judith’s assessment of our existential plastics crisis. We mention this article several times in our deeper dive video cut. Check it out on our YouTube site at Subject2Change – Sustainability. Subscribe to get our conversations soon after we have them!

Plastic waste is all around us. Why can’t we see it? As we close in on Earth Day, which is in in less than two weeks, take a serious look at plastics and how to avoid them, to be greener.


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