TJ is our Host! (S2C 23)

OMG thank you, T.J. You have given Lauren and I the gift of being in the hot seat, in a place where we are tasked with reflecting on what we are doing with this site, discussing what is working, and deciding what needs rejiggering.

A true gift.

T.J. and Jodi circa 1993…(so cute, I just can’t stand it)

And what is even more amazing is that this reflection, this exploration, this connection of heart, was fun, silly, AND deep. And worth sharing. We would be very pleased if our viewers/listeners would weigh in on this one, and tell us what you think should change, or what the values are that you have found in our Subject2Change videos thus far. We can learn, together!

After all, 23 episodes means it’s time to look back…

“Without mess there wouldn’t be new discovery.” Truth!

Check out our YouTube site at Subject2Change – Sustainability for the full-length conversation, as well as links to resources, and events we mentioned in our conversation.

You’ll get greater insights if you subscribe and star our channel so you know when new videos have dropped. The conversations are always fun and fulfilling. Grab a glass of wine, water, or what-have-you and join us at the table for great conversations about sustainability, life, work, and passion.

Rdflect, and be greener,


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