Humility and Humor (S2C E26)

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Both Lauren Staniec and I are professionals in the design and construction industry, working to make connections, change design processes, and build in a way that improves the systems we touch.

This is a grand statement, and no less true for it being grand.

So when we get a chance to speak with someone who so thoroughly “gets it” our psyches sing with joy. Eric Corey Freed, Architect, certainly gets it, seeing the interdependence of all systems with extreme clarity. This clarity and his own personality often lead him to humor and stark bluntness in his presentations (google his Tedx talks), and he has come to recognize that humility is a core attribute we must each rely upon as we grow to realize all that we do not yet know from Nature and our place within our communities.

And with all of that, Eric knows a lot. His demeanor changes as he lists off the five strategies we can each employ to design and build contributing and regenerative projects, projects that serve our clients beyond their expectations, and projects that serve within our planet’s systems. He shares an amused tone as he explains how “zooming out” can benefit our individual projects. Why don’t we all do this?

We have posted several cuts of our energizing and inspiring chat with Eric. Watch them – especially if you are an architect or designer. Especially then.

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