Isn’t it Puzzling? (S2C E30)

Alie Adelman is a self proclaimed puzzler. She sees connection where others don’t, even if one piece is in the upper right and the other the lower left of the completed picture. And this is her strength, her superpower, the skill needed by all sustainability directors if they are to move us forward into a more connected and multi-solving world. Our chat with Alie was full of nods of agreement from both Lauren and I, a recognition of the process-level approaches we must engage in to truly make a sustaining difference. It also was peppered with great insights into the balance needed to respect what IS while working toward a needed shift.

Maybe Alie is not just a puzzler, but an artful puzzler. And may we all develop this level of attention, empathy, and skill.

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Look through a new lens, puzzle it out, and be greener,



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