Energized Calm – Yasuragi Spa and Jimmy (S2C E31)

Lauren and I had a wonderful, fun, happy, and energizing chat with Jimmy Myhrinder. He is an award winning spa manager, running the Japanese Yasuragi spa which is located about 20 minutes from the urban center of Stockholm.We talked about the challenges of a vibrant business in the time of COVID, how travel should become less touristy and more “intentional”, and what it means to be happy. We learned about the impact of mindfulness on work and the spa, how the environment is not a separate thing for Scandinavians, and how everything shifts when your mission is to change the world in a positive way. Another thought? People can really only see their own home town well through the eyes of others. 

Care to join Lauren and I at Yasuragi? We have plans afoot to get there!!!

Check out our YouTube channel for this chat and more enlightening, fun, irreverent, and worshipful conversations, where we are relaxed in our our curiosity.

Enjoy our time with Jimmy; We are very glad to share him with you!  Check out our other videos on our channel, and don’t forget to subscribe and click on that great little bell to learn when new videos drop. 

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