Service and Transitions (S2C E35)

We are so very lucky this week to spend some time with Sandy Daigler, who has been in NY state service for most of her career. In our conversations with Sandy, Lauren and I learned about the history of her home, her passions for Troy, NY, the pride she has in serving the people of the state, and the challenges she sees in our climate future.

What’s cool about this chat is the spirit of curiosity Sandy has, and her willingness to tackle the tasks, even when she feels a wee bit like a hypocrite. And never fear, the hypocrisy is entirely self-deprecating as she faces up to some changes she feels she needs to make to truly be greener at home (and we all feel a bit overwhelmed at times).

I invite you to take a few minutes and look for Sandy’s videos, two deeper dives and one 2min2change cut, on our YouTube channel.

Check out our YouTube channel for this chat and more enlightening, fun, irreverent, and worshipful conversations, where we are relaxed in our our curiosity.

Watch, learn, and be greener!


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